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10 Sep

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I missed last week’s Links and Thinks because of the news of Matt Fox’s promotion and start, but we are back this week with a lot of links. The Vikings/Saints game last night certainly did not lead up to the hype. Not a good football game by any means, but I don’t think it means a lot in the big picture. For those of you who look at the NFL “Expert” Picks, note that a few players and bloggers were added to the panel since I posted initially. Kevin Slowey, Kyle Waldrop, Danny Rams and Matt Schuld each sent me their picks for the week, as did Howard Sinker, Judd Spicer and Louis Schuth.


Twins Question

The Question for this Week goes back to my TwinsCentric Star Tribune blog from this week entitled 20 Questions. I jotted down 20 questions about the Twins as the season winds down. So I’ll ask you… What questions do you have about this 2010 team? What are the answers, or when will we know the answers? With just 22 games remaining, what are your questions about this year’s Twins team?

Twins Minor League Question

It was largely a disappointing 2010 campaign for most of the Twins affiliates, but there were some good performances. In your mind, which prospects made significant progress in 2010? Which jumped up your prospect rankings, or at least your thoughts on them going into the offseason?


The Twins are clearly in the driver’s seat in the AL Central. With a Magic Number of 17, Baseball Prospectus gives the Twins a 95.4% chance of winning the AL Central and a 95.6% chance of making the playoffs. But the key for the Twins the remainder of the season is to not become complacent, and that starts with this three game series against Cleveland, who is 57-83. It’s one thing to beat a Royals lineup with a lot of bad veterans, but the Twins will need to play well against a Cleveland team that has accumulated a lot of young talent. The Twins would be favored in at least two of the three pitching matchups this weekend. Note that Nick Blackburn’s numbers are horrible, one of the worst for a starting pitcher in baseball. However, in three starts since his return to the Twins starting rotation, he has given up just five earned runs in 22.2 innings pitched. In those innings, he has allowed just 16 hits, walked five and struck out 15 batters. In other words, he has been pretty good. 

Here are the pitching matchups:

  • Friday nightCarl Pavano (16-10, 3.52, 1.15, .258) vs Fausto Carmona (11-14, 4.05, 1.37, .268)
  • Saturday nightNick Blackburn (9-9, 5.85, 1.54, .318) vs Carlos Carrasco (0-0, 3.38, 1.13, .245))
  • Sunday nightKevin Slowey (11-6, 4.39, 1.29, .278) vs. Mitch Talbot (9-11, 4.40, 1.51, .278)


Here is a look around the Twins blogosphere. A good site to find 66 Twins blogs is Newsbobber’s Minnesota Baseball Blog site., but you can also look on the left side of this page for many. I’ve only included blogs that have been updated in the last few days (let me know if I’m missing any sites that I should add):


Here are the links to the TwinsCentric blog postings for this week:


  • On Monday Night’s Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast, I was joined by two legends in the Twins blogosphere, John Bonnes and Aaron Gleeman. The three of us held a roundtable discussion on many Twins topics.
  • Tuesday night, I was without internet, but Travis and I still held the final Twins Minor League Weekly of the year in which we named our top three hitters and top three pitchers from each Twins affiliate.
  • On Saturday morning, I was on the Dez Says Twins podcast accidentally. I was driving and called in to listen to the show. I meant to push a button to turn on the speaker phone, but instead hit the #1 so I was on the show for a couple of minutes.
  • On Sunday night, Travis Aune and I hosted a ½ hour version of the Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast and discussed the Rangers series, the Matt Fox situation, Ben Revere and much more.
  • When that show finished, I was a guest/co-host on Fanatic Jack’s podcast that included Darren “Doogie” Wolfson, Louie Schuth and Dez Tobin as well.

 Any thoughts on the Twins or the Twins blogosphere? Feel free to leave your questions and comments here.


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