Twins Lose, Magic Number Still Drops

17 Sep

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The Twins fell 3-1 to the Oakland A’s on Friday night and yet, they still were able to see their Magic Number reduced. The Detroit Tigers beat the Chicago White Sox by a score of 9-2.

The Twins lost to one of baseball’s best young starting pitchers. Brett Anderson’s record may not be great, but his stuff is, and he was on tonight. The Twins were playing against the A’s with three starters out of the lineup. With an afternoon game on Saturday, Joe Mauer sat in this game with Drew Butera replacing him. Jason Kubel was having another MRI on his wrist, so he was out of the lineup, replaced by Jason Repko in right field. Finally, Denard Span was scratched from the lineup due to shoulder soreness. Ben Revere made his first career start in centerfield.

The Twins lone run came on a solo home run by Danny Valencia, who went 2-3. There was little offense for the Twins on this night. Again, the credit goes completely to Brett Anderson.

The White Sox held a 2-0 lead over the Tigers through six innings. Edwin Jackson had a no-hitter through the first five innings and a shutout through six. But then the Tigers scored six runs in the top of the 7th, and added three more in the top of the 9th, to help the Twins out.

Also on Friday night, the Tampa Bay Rays lost 4-3 to the Angels. Unfortunately, the Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 4-3 on a ninth inning home run by Alex Rodriguez. So, the Yankees take a one game lead over the Twins in the race for AL’s best record, and a ½ game lead over the Rays in the AL East. 



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2 Responses to “Twins Lose, Magic Number Still Drops”

  1. Torgo23 September 18, 2010 at 3:06 am #

    That game was awful. I know we needed to rest some guys but really did it have to be that bad. On a sidenote for whatever reason I can’t ever trust the A’s or the O’s to roll over and provide a nice cushy series. Both teams have the Twins number and I would not be surprised to lose 2 of 3 this weekend.

  2. Karl Wilkinson September 18, 2010 at 10:59 am #

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