Twins Podcast and Live Chat Tonight!

8 Feb

also available at

Tonight at 5:30, I will be hosting the Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast. I’ll stick with Blog Talk Radio at this point, but could be transitioning elsewhere if I can. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend $30 a month to be able to podcast between 6 and 10 p.m. or to be able to host for a full hour. So I’ll figure out something. The other option is to do two half-hour shows each week, if I stay. There will be at least one special guest on the show tonight, so tune if you can, or download it out later.

Then at 6:30, I will host a Live Twins Chat and answer your questions while I get them. Click Here to sign up for an e-mail reminder, to participate in the live chat or to read the transcript later.

There isn’t a lot going on, but topics could include the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, Twins minor leaguers, bullpen, 6 starters, Michael Young, Delmon Young and many more. So, join in.


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