Twins Live Chat Transcript, and Pujols to the Twins? Ideas Welcome!

24 Feb

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Last night, I held a two-hour live Twins chat. I answered Twins fans’ questions about many Twins-related topics, posted a few polls, and it was fun. Hopefully this can become a weekly thing. I enjoy hosting the live chats because if there is a Toughest Part of Blogging, it is trying to know what the readers want to read. With the live chats, readers can get their very specific questions answered and we can cover a large range of questions. It is fun. I am hoping to do one of them a week, and hopefully more and more people will want to participate.

If you would like to read the transcript to last night’s chat, click here. Let me know what you think?

One fun thing I did during the chat was encourage user participation. I needed a three minute break at one point, so I asked the participants to think about how the Twins could go about acquiring Albert Pujols. When I was on ESPN710 in Bismarck on Tuesday, Jack Michaels challenged me to make it happen and to be creative. Maybe give him a good salary and then $500 a month in lottery tickets to see how much more he could make. I thought it was an interesting question, so I encourage people in the chat room last night to think about it. And I ask you the same thing today? How could the Twins go about getting Albert Pujols? Be creative. Below are some of the responses from last night:

From Joe: “Pujols? Just give him 10 years 300 million; Pretty sure that will get it done”

From Brandon Warne: “Exclusive naming rights to the entire stadium once Target’s existing deal expires, a lifetime contract at $25 mill a year, and the entire city of Orono, no, Wayzata.”

From Jim: “Rights to the “Bert’s Burger,” a bronze statue in Target Plaza, and pen pal letters from Nick Punto.”

From Jim Crikket: “Give him ownership… of the T’Wolves”

And how about this one from Dez: “How about we offer him Albertville?”

And later: “How about Albert Lea?”

Or both. What do you think? How would you get Albert Pujols to the Twins? Any thoughts?

And finally, yesterday Ron Gardenhire announced that Carl Pavano would be making the Opening Day start for the Twins against Toronto. Lots of people were upset that it wasn’t Francisco Liriano. To that, I say, “Who Cares?” The pitcher that starts Game 1 will, assuming health and not too much re-alignment, start 33 games with a five man rotation. The Game 2 starter will start 33 games as well! Opening Day is a nice honor, and Liriano could have done it, but there is nothing wrong with Pavano getting the start. He had a terrific year last year too.

Please feel free to comment in the comments section.


5 Responses to “Twins Live Chat Transcript, and Pujols to the Twins? Ideas Welcome!”

  1. TT February 24, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    If they can sign Pujols to a one year deal they should do it … otherwise he is going to grow old on his new contract.

    One of the interesting comments I read recently was the National’s GM explaining his reasoning behind signing Jayson Werth. He said he signed Werth partially to make Washington a place that could “attract” top free agents. He said he had management approval and budget to go after free agents and he wanted Washington to be a place that was on the players list of potential destinations.

    Here is a team that has drafted the top player two years in a row. And the GM is more concerned about spending money on free agents than developing his team from within. It makes you appreciate the Twins approach.

    • mike wants wins February 24, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

      I don’t understand why it is an either or approach. Why not use FA to fill holes? Frankly, I appreciate the Phillies approach, draft and develop guys, and use trades and FA to fill holes and then win WS championships.

      Like the Twins did with Morris, or Chili Davis, or other guys they added to their core.

  2. TT February 24, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    “I don’t understand why it is an either or approach.”

    The price you pay for most free agents is a long contract that often ends up being an albatross when the young core players reach arbitration and free agency. You end up getting old with no financial flexibility to fill holes as they develop.

    Philly is old. They may not be finished yet, but their best years are likely behind them.

    The Twins rolled the dice in 1993 and won. But they lost the rest of the decade. I wonder if anyone would think that was a success if Lonnie Smith hadn’t had a brain fart and stopped at third. Or if Hrbek hadn’t been so adroit at lifting Gant off the base. A lot of things need to go right to win a world series. Signing a few free agents is no guarantee.

    • mike wants wins February 25, 2011 at 9:39 am #

      Neither is drafing players and never signing free agents or trading for proven players, just ask Pittsburgh or other teams that have tried that approach. There are no guarantees in life, none.

  3. scot February 24, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    Twins won the WS in 1991 not 1993.

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