Spring Training: Day 3 (No Baseball)

10 Mar

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Day 3 of Spring Training involved no baseball (which hopefully means that Day 4 – Friday – will be about a 9-5 day at the ball park, at least if we can find some tickets) whatsoever. Is it weird that I feel a little bit guilty about that? Cuz I do! We had looked at the weather report for Thursday and it said 40% chance of rain. When I woke up around 8:00, it was sunny and looking out over the ocean, the skies were blue. Picturesque might be a very appropriate word. Occasionally I would hear a little rumbling, but thought nothing of it. Well, soon after, the sky turned grain, the clouds became ominous and those loud rumbling, often cracking, sounds became more frequent. The skies opened up and it was absolutely pouring. In fact, at one point, the rain was coming down so hard and in such big water clumps that they appeared white, almost like snow. I thought to myself that I really like rain better than snow right now. Granted, in northern Minnesota, the last rainfall may have been in October, but it was enjoyable to watch that storm and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

We had decided that since we didn’t have tickets and a game might not even be played, we just wouldn’t go to Ft. Myers. In reality, it may have been the right choice. The game was delayed by a little over an hour and I’m sure the conditions were wet. And, it sounds like things didn’t go great for the Twins, although Luke Hughes continues to hit the ball well and Joe Nathan seems to be quite impressive. That said, I still would have loved to have been there. Instead, it was a nice, relaxing morning, a trip to CiCi’s Pizza for the lunch buffet, and driving around Naples. We decided that with the weather, we would see a movie. We went to the Bourne Adjustment. You may see its ads on TV for The Adjustment Bureau. It was actually a pretty solid movie, a thinker of sorts with some action and the occasional bit of comic relief. I really enjoyed the premise of the movie, to be sure. I liked it until the end, but of course, I won’t discuss further here.  

We got back, checked on a few things, and then hit the Jacuzzi. Sure, it is cool and breezy for Floridians today, but we are from Minnesota, so it was awesome to sit out there for awhile. Now, we will have to figure out a plan for tonight. Last night we hit one of LaVelle’s choices in his Ft. Myers food guide (Michelbob’s), and tonight we are going to try another one, possibly followed by a little mini-golf! After that… we shall see… and then we will determine if we (as in me) will write about it! Ha!

Then go back to the beginning of this where I pointed out that I plan to be at the ballpark the next couple of days by 9:00 in the morning! The Twins play the Red Sox at 1, and hopefully we will be able to get in. The minor leaguers have their physicals tomorrow and hopefully many of them will stick around for awhile and workout on the fields, or at least come and talk to me! Right? Then they get going full force on Saturday. I really, really would like to be there for that full day!

Be sure to stop by as I do plan a post each day that I am here, so check back tomorrow and Saturday night. If you like, please feel free to comment, ask questions or give advice.


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  1. jack torse March 11, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    Welcome to cici’s!

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