Twins Minor League Predictions: 2011 Hitter of the Year

7 Apr

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In the last couple of days, I’ve been posting a couple of blogs as we anticipate the start of the minor league season on Thursday. First, we looked at some choices for Twins Minor League Breakout Hitter and followed in with choices for Breakout Pitchers. There are two more predictions that our panel will be making. Later, I’ll be posting our choices for the Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year, but now, here are our choices for the Twins Minor League Hitter of the Year. In the Comments at the bottom, please feel free to discuss your choices. But here is just another reminder of who is on the panel:

Roger Dehring – He has been tracking the Twins minor league system and players for a long time. He is an occasional guest writer here, but he does a tremendous job of keeping the fine folks of Twinkie Town updated on the Twins minor leagues with his Weekly Minor League Reports each Saturday.

Josh Johnson – Finishing up college may inexplicably understandably been his top priority of late, but when it comes to knowing the Twins minor league system, Josh is among the top! He has written at Josh’s Thoughts for several years.

Steve Lien  – Steve writes the Twins content for Gear Up for Sports. He has written a lot of information on Twins minor leaguers and spent nearly as much time watching minor league practices in Ft. Myers as I did.

Cody Christie – Cody is the North Dakota Twins fan even if he now makes his residence in the Twin Cities. He has been a he addition to the Twins blogosphere in the past year writing on all levels of Twins baseball from the minors to the history.


Here are our choices for Twins Minor League Hitter of the Year.

Seth – Chris Parmelee – I think it’s safe to say that, if nothing else, Chris Parmelee has the support of the Twins bloggers. I’ve given my reasons many times this offseason, but Parmelee showed good power potential early in his career while taking a lot of walks. Last year, he learned to cut down his strikeouts and hit for more average. If he can spend the full season in New Britain, I think he can put up big numbers. Not numbers like Michael Cuddyer put up on AA, but very good, all-around numbers. Runner-Up: Danny Ortiz

Roger – Chris Parmelee – After a lot of hard work, Parmelee appears to have put the various pieces of his game together.  He takes an above average number of walks while cutting down strikeouts.  Although his home runs were down last year (8), we know the power is there from previous years and he did have a lot of doubles in New Britain (25) before leading the AFL.  After a long journey, it appears that Chris Parmelee is ready to make 2011 a special year.  The big question is whether or not that will include putting on a Twins uniform for the first time?  Runner-up:  Oswaldo Arcia

Josh – Aaron Hicks – Despite playing in a tough hitting environment, Hicks’ raw talent can be matched by only a few in all of the minor leagues and I think we’ll see him make huge strides at the plate in 2011.

Steve – Oswaldo Arcia –  He was a monster in the Appalachian League last year, nearly taking home the Triple Crown (TMI: last player to win the APP-TC was Glenn Braggs of the Paintsville Brewers in 1983), and the Midwest League has been kind to top Twins hitting prospects in the past (see Ben Revere).  With his power potential, Arcia should be among the league leaders in several categories during 2011.  Would like to see an improvement in plate discipline, but that’s not a deal breaker at Low-A. RUNNER-UP: Chris Parmelee.

Cody – Chris Parmelee – There are so many good players in the Twins minor league system that it is tough to decide on which player will shine above the rest. There are many players in my top prospect list that I feel will have great seasons this year. Parmelee seems to be on the right track with the path he is on in the farm system. He seems poised to make strides this season that will be hard for the organization to ignore. He is ready to make the jump and that advancement will lead him to this award. Runner-Up: Aaron Hicks

I think it’s safe to say we believe in 1B Chris Parmelee? We’ll be back this afternoon with our predictions for Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year. Feel free to leave your prediction for Twins minor league hitter of the year in the comments today.


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