Weekend Update

22 May

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Well, I must admit that I am thrilled to post a new blog entry on May 22, 2011!!

It was a tough week for the blog as I really only posted once and had a few short updates. To be honest, it has kind of been a nice break. And frankly, what topics have there been to discuss. It gets old talking about the Twins catching situation and bullpen situation. It isn’t fun talking about each loss. It gets old explaining why I’m not yet willing to throw in the towel.

That said, there are topics to discuss and starting this week, I will get back into it. If nothing else, I was able to participate in each of the scheduled podcasts this past week. As you know, the podcast schedule is as follows (links to most recent show):

Today, I did want to take a look at the many Twins blogs out there that do a great job and link to some of them:

There were several terrific blogs related to Harmon Killebrew throughout the week:

Any other Twins sites I should be linking to or articles you’ve read of late on the Twins? Comment here.


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