Twins Select Two More in First Round

7 Jun

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The Twins drafted Levi Michael, a shortstop from the University of North Carolina believed to be the college position player closest to being ready for the big leagues, with the 30th pick in the first round. But they didn’t stop there. The Twins had two more picks in the supplemental first round, compensation for losing Orlando Hudson and Jesse Crain via free agency.

With the 50th overall selection, the Twins drafted Travis Harrison, a high school third baseman from California. He is committed to USC, but I’m sure a little money could convince him to forgo that opportunity. At 6-2 and 215 pounds, he is a power hitter. He was a preseason high school All-American and during the season, he hit 13 home runs. He was up and down during the season which may have dropped him down the draft to some degree. But when a guy has that kind of power potential, it’s never a bad pick.

Soon after, the Twins used the 55th overall pick to take Hudson Boyd, a stocky, right-handed pitcher from Ft. Myers. He is committed to the University of Florida, but he could see the Twins training facility location as a good reason (along with the near-million dollar signing bonus he would get) to sign with the Twins. He is about 6-3 and 235 pounds, not exactly what you would call projectable at this point. In his analysis,’s Jonathan Mayo said that he may end up as a reliever. He already throws into the mid-90s, so that is a positive. The Twins, as any smart team would, will have him work as a starter first.

No, I’m not going to bash any of their picks. The reality, as we have said here for years, is that we won’t be able to judge this draft for six to eight years, maybe longer. What looks like a questionable pick now may prove to be great, and what people think might be a great pick may prove not to be.

The Twins will make their 2nd through 30th picks today, and then tomorrow they will make their final 20 picks. You can find a little information on each pick they make by going to, so be sure to check there throughout the day for more. Here will be the Twins draft tracker with minimal thoughts:

  • 1 – Levi Michael (30) – SS – U. of North Carolina
  • 1s – Travis Harrison (50) – 3B from Tustin, CA (HS)
  • 1s – Hudson Boyd (55) – RHP from Ft. Myers (HS)
  • 2 – Madison Boer (87) – RHP from U. of Oregon – Eden Prairie native, good athlete.
  • 3 – Corey Williams (117) – LHP from Vanderbilt U.-
    •  From John Manuel of Baseball America (via Twitter) – “Ooh, #Twins take a tough sign in LHP Corey Williams, power reliever this year, redshirt soph., highest ERA on Vandy staff but touched 94-95”
    • From Jordan Schelling: Corey Williams had his knee cap shattered by a line drive last April. Got up, made throw to first.
  • 4 – Matthew Summers (148) – RHP from UC-Irvine (drafted in 43rd round by Yankees… was an OF, so arm may be fresh (via Jonathan Mayo).)
  • 5 – Tyler Grimes (178) – SS – Wichita State –
  • 6 – Ivan Rodriguez (208) – CF – High school in Florida – Yes, the Hall of Fame catcher’s son.  
  • 7 – Steven Gruver (238) – LHP University of Tennessee – It’s one of those names that just isn’t good for a pitcher. Like Balfour. Or Homer.
  • 8 – Jason Wheeler (268) – LHP – Loyola Marymount
  • 9 – Nick Bryant (298) – SS – Troy University
  • 10 – Brett Lee (328) – LHP – St. Petersburg JC    
  • 11 – Tyler Jones (358) – RHP – LSU    
  • 12 – Matthew Koch (388) – C – Loyola Marymount    
  • 13 – Steven Evans (418) – LHP – Liberty University    
  • 14 – Adam McCreery (448) – LHP from California    
  • 15 – Josue Montanez (478) – LHP from Miami-Dade CC   
  • 16 – Austin Malinowski (508) – LHP – from Centennial High School in Lino Lakes, MN.
  • 17 – Josh Burris (538) – RHP – from LSU-Eunice
  • 18 – Corey Kimes (568) – LHP – from U of Illinois    
  • 19 – Tyler Koelling (598) – CF – from U. of Southern Mississippi
  • 20 – Brian Anderson (628) – SS – from Deer Creek (OK) HS
  • 21 – Michael Howard (658) – LHP – from Prescott (AZ) HS
  • 22 – James Ramsey (688) – RF – from Florida State U.
  • 23 – Timothy Shibuya (718) – RHP – from UC-San Diego
  • 24 – Nick Burdi (748) – RHP – from Downers Grove South (HS) in Illinois
  • 25 – AJ Petterson (778) – SS – from the University of Minnesota
  • 26 – Trent Higginbothom (808) – RHP – from Clay Chalkville (AL) HS
  • 27 – Chris Mazza (838) – RHP – from Menlo College   
  • 28 – David Hurlbut (868) – LHP – from Cal State – Fullerton
  • 29 – Derek Thompson (898) – LHP – from Teutopolis (IL) HS
  • 30 – William Clinard (928) – RHP – from Vanderbilt
    • 31 – Garrett Jewell (958) – RHP – from Southern New Hampshire U
    • 32 – Dylan Chavez (988) – LHP – from American River College
    • 33 – Stephen Wickens (1018) – SS – from Florida Gulf Coast U
    • 34 – Ryan Tella (1048) – CF – from Ohlone College
    • 35 – Philip Chapman (1078) – C – from the University of Memphis
    • 36 – Austin Barrois (1108) – OF – from Belle Chasse HS in LA
    • 37 – Andrew Leachman (1138) – LF – from Birmingham Southern
    • 38 – Alexander Keudell (1168) – RHP – from U of Oregon
    • 39 – Edwin McCord (1198) – RHP – from Spanish Fort HS in AL
    • 40 – Kyle Barraclough (1228) – RHP – from St. Marys College (CA)
    • 41 – TJ Oakes (1258) – RHP – from U of Minnesota
    • 42 – Matthew Tomshaw (1288) – LHP – from Jacksonville U.
    • 43 – Robert O’Neill (1318) – RHP – from Biola University
    • 44 – Cole Johnson (1348) – RHP – from Notre Dame
    • 45 – Julio Torres (1378) – 2B – from Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
    • 46 – Jared Dettmann (1408) – LHP – from Somerset HS in Wisconsin
    • 47 – John Hochstatter (1438) – LHP – from San Ramon Valley HS (CA)
    • 48 – Garret Peterson (1468) – RHP – from Du Bois Area HS (PA)
    • 49 – Drake Roberts (1498) – 2B – from Brenham HS (TX)
    • 50 – Bryan Burgher (1527) – RHP – from Emerald Ridge HS (WA)     

Any thoughts on the picks, please feel free to comment


15 Responses to “Twins Select Two More in First Round”

  1. brianmohr June 7, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    I like the Boyd pick. His knock seems to be staying in shape but his numbers are very impressive. Add to that if he signs he will report to camp across the street from where he played his junior year in high school. Also I have to think Terry Ryan had his say on Boyd. He was at the local high school all star game that Boyd pitched in a week or so ago. Another player from Boyd’s high school, Bishop Verot, is projected to go soon. It would be very interesting if the Twins selected him as well since Ryan had a good view of him as well.

  2. mike wants wins June 7, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    Adrian Sale and other relievers would disagree that you have to try a pitcher as a starter first all the time….I think Anthony Rendon is closer to the bigs, but I’d put Michael right behind him – hopefully 2-3 years at most.

    I really don’t think you can complain about any of these picks. The only guy they could have taken rather than Michael was (Norris, I think is his name) the hard to sign pitcher that everyone else passed on. But the fact that so many other teams passed on him must mean he’s a hard sign.

    Either way, big fan of the first pick. Top talent, and in an area of need. Not really sure about either HS player either way.

  3. Eric June 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Excellent play and admirable toughness, but he didn’t “get up and make the throw to first”. He grabbed the ball and backhanded it towards the first baseman, who made a nice play to come off the bag and tag the runner.

  4. AW June 7, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    How quickly can we convert Pudge’s son to backup catcher?

  5. Scruffy Rube June 7, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    I’m a little surprised that they haven’t looked into a catcher in the early rounds, even if Mauer stays behind the plate I figure we ought to have some body who can back him up semi-effectively.

    I also want to ask, what’s the over/under on the number of infielders drafted by the Twins who have “scrappy” associated with their scouting report somewhere (no matter what it is I’m taking the over).

  6. roger June 7, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    When I read about Harrison, the player that comes to mind is ‘Henry Sanchez.’ You remember him Seth, don’t you? I know that is being unfair, but everything said about Harrison was said about Sanchez and more!

    I believe Pudge’ son has been clear that he wants to be an outfielder. Also sounds familiar, hmmmm, Mr. Hicks.

    And what is it about left handed pitchers? If my Wisconsin math is correct, nine of the first twenty-two players taken were leftie pitchers. And only two were high school. With the loss of Bashore and injuries to other lefties in the system, must be stocking up.

    How many do you think they sing this year Seth?

    • Kyle B June 8, 2011 at 2:11 am #

      Henry Sanchez….. gross. One big difference though: Sanchez was lazy and had bad reports on his effort level.

      All signs about Harrison point to him loving the game and competing – and he’s been watched by scouts since he was a freshman in High school. He doesn’t appear to be gifted athletically so Deron Johnson was pry right when he said “we bought a bat” with that pick.

    • mini_tb June 8, 2011 at 7:17 am #

      Fair or not, I thought of Henry Sanchez right away, too. If the Twins are able to sign Harrison, I can’t help but think that he’ll have a better career than old Hank Sanchez!

      • roger June 8, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

        mini tb…Harrison can’t have a worse career! Lets all hope they hit .500 and have one good one to go with the wasted pick several years ago.

    • mike wants wins June 8, 2011 at 8:21 am #

      Yup, Sanchez was the first name I thought of also. Let’s hope they are ot similar.

      • Seth June 8, 2011 at 9:01 am #

        Man, ya’ll are negative. HA! I first thought about Danny Rams… but Sanchez and Harrison have the California connection. Let’s just hope Harrison stays away from the stuff that caused Sanchez to not really care about baseball, or much of anything.

      • mike wants wins June 8, 2011 at 9:39 am #

        Not negative so much, just the first name that popped into my head. They talk about him the same way the talked about Sanchez. I don’t think anyone here thinks that means anything at all, other than that name popped into our heads.

  7. mike wants wins June 8, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    There is a nice interview with Boer on

  8. CK June 9, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Where is Trevor Plouffe? He’s been absent from the box score since his demotion.

    • roger June 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

      ripped a fingernail off, is out day-to-day is what I last heard.

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