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22 Jun

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The Twins won for the 13th time in their last 15 games last night thanks to scoring eight first inning runs against Madison Bumgarner and the World Champion San Francisco Giants. Frankly, the rest of the game was fairly uneventful, and after watching so many one-run games, a blowout was kind of nice. Carl Pavano said that he didn’t have good stuff, and yet he was able to work through eight innings and gave up just two runs. Alexi Casilla hit a late home run to give the Twins their final 9-2 score.

With the late game, I was able to read through a lot of other Twins blogs and here are some links. There are also a few more of my thoughts for your consideration.

  • First, be sure to listen to last night’s Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast. I made myself take a night off and thankfully, Cody Christie (North Dakota Twins Fan) was willing and able to host the show for me. Be sure to check that out.
  • I really am a big Ben Revere fan and I believe that he can be a big part of the future of the Minnesota Twins. However, I do think that the credit being given to him right now is a bit much. After going 2-4 (with two first inning hits) on Tuesday night, he is now hitting .269/.303/.298. That equates to a .601 OPS. I get it. He’s really fast. He has game-changing speed. We have seen how much range he has defensively. He is 6-8 in stolen base attempts. Remember a year ago when many thought that Denard Span had a bad year as a leadoff hitter? He got on-base 33% of the time. He is a career .366 OBP guy. So to think that Revere is a better leadoff hitter (and we have heard that a lot from many Twins fans) is kind of silly. Delmon Young has been hitting very well in June (.323/.343/.431). Michael Cuddyer is playing great. Jason Kubel was the team’s best hitter when he was healthy. Denard Span needs to play. When those outfielders and Jim Thome are healthy, how can a .600 OPS justify playing time? Jason Repko has posted a .601 OPS in his two years with the Twins. He plays good defense and has a rocket for an arm. I have no problem with Repko playing once a week or once every ten days. I have a problem with a 23 year old with a good future being a role player in the middle of the season. I’m not negating the intangibles, but I think a realistic look at the situation tells us that we really need to calm our thoughts and expectations on Revere.
  • Andrew from Off the Mark blogs about Ben Revere, and he uses a Joey Gathright comparison and says that Revere has been “awful” offensively. Maybe a little strong.
  • K-Bro wrote a Primer on DL Moves that is very educational and interesting.
  • Nick Nelson wrote about the Denard Span situation and compared it to a similar situation that happened to the Twins a year ago.
  • Travis Aune posts his choices for Twins Player and Pitcher of the Week.
  • Giles makes the case for Scott Baker to make the All Star team.
  • Twin Nation posted a Q&A with AJ Petterson, the Gophers SS who the Twins drafted with their 25th round pick.
  • Stadium Journey gives their assessment of Hammond Stadium, the home of the Ft. Myers Miracle and the Twins spring training stadium.
  • The Rochester Baseball Observer asks if we should have a campaign for Trevor Plouffe, who has been on fire again since returning to the Red Wings lineup.
  • Aaron Gleeman also posted several Twins Notes.
  • For much more frequent notes and updates, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Any other thoughts or questions? Feel free to comment here.


One Response to “Twins Notes and Links”

  1. CK June 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    Plouffe was 4-5 with a HR last night… but 2 errors. Did he develop the yips?

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