Ben Revere, Denard Span, and Jose Constanza???

29 Jul

Hey SethSpeaks readers,

It’s mini_tb with what I think is an interesting discussion question regarding 2 popular topics lately: Denard Span and Ben Revere.  You will have to keep reading to get to it.

The Atlanta Braves have Jose Constanza batting leadoff tonight as the season winds down toward the homestretch.  Check out his batting line on

  • .312/.361/.351 for a .712 OPS, just 2 doubles, 4 triples and 1 HR in 333 ABs on the season with 23/31 stolen bases.

How does that compare to the Twins’ Ben Revere‘s 2010 season numbers?  I picked his 2010 season because it is a larger sample than 2011 – and, frankly, better than 2011, so we’ll act like this is how he will hit in majors given a bit more seasoning.

  • .305/.361/.363 for a .734 OPS, just 10 doubles for triples, and 1 HR in 361 at bats on the season with 36/49 stolen bases.

Both are 5’9″ left handed hitters.  Constanza weighs in at 150 pounds.  Revere is in at a “staggering” 170 pounds.  I guess the higher weight class for Revere explains how he could possibly have more power than anyone else in organized baseball.

Oh yeah…  One thing I left out is age.  Constanza is 28 in a month.  Revere just turned 23.  That age difference is obviously a huge factor when labeling a player a prospect or a non-prospect.

Revere is still young.  Of course there is still room for improvement.  Look at Revere’s stats for 2010 again.  That’s Denard Span’s 2011 line of .294/.361/.385 (.746 OPS) with less power, more steals, and better D when he gets more comfortable.  And a noodle for an arm that brings back nightmares of Shannon Stewart…  Revere is 1 year removed from putting up pretty Denard Span-like season in AAA.  And about 4 1/2 years younger.

Here’s the discussion question(s):

  • Are we overvaluing Span, or are we undervaluing Revere?

Maybe we are being too hard on Ben Revere.  There’s got to be a Beevis and Butthead reference I could throw in here somewhere…




8 Responses to “Ben Revere, Denard Span, and Jose Constanza???”

  1. Matt July 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    Span is more stable. Revere will have almost no value when he’s having stretches of bad luck, like he is right now. His OBP is entirely dependent on his BA. Span walks enough to still put up decent numbers when his batting average dips. Plus, he’s already proven he can hit major league pitching. As good of numbers as Revere has put up in the minors, it’s entirely possible that he just won’t be able to make the adjustment to major league caliber pitching.

  2. Dillon July 29, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    Plenty of good points Seth

    I agree that Twins fans are definitely being too hard on Revere. He is a young man going through the growing pains of adjusting to the Major Leagues. His arm strength is worrisome but he has more than enough potential to achieve a BA of +/- .300 with plenty of steals and great glovework in CF.

    Also the fact that Joe Benson is close to knocking on the door is another reason for the Twins to think that Span is expendable. The consistent rumors of a Span trade suggests that the Twins front office believes the combination of Revere + Benson is better for the Twins long term than Span through 2015. And to be honest, I kind of think they’re right.

    Regardless of Bill Smith’s vision of Span’s future in a Twins uniform, Denard is definitely valueable enough to demand a substantial return from the Nats. His value to the Nats right now is the highest it could be this season post-concussion as their leadoff spot is a black hole that seemingly haunts Rizzo every moment.

    Hopefully it haunts Rizzo enough for Bill Smith to snare a large portion of the Nats’ top prospect list. A deal that sends Span to DC for a package that includes Desmond (or Lombardozzi depending on opinion of whether SS or 2B is the position of greatest team need) + a combination of Peacock/Marrero/Norris and some filler like Stammen, Milone, or Tatusko would be good enough for me.

    HOWEVER, a trade of Denard Span only makes sense if it is in conjuction with a sell off of the majority of the Twins’ assets like Kubel, Cuddyer, Slowey, Delmon, Capps, and Liriano. If it turns out that Denard Span is the only current player not in a Twins’ uniform on August 1st, this front office is a disgrace.

    What say you Seth?

    • Seth July 29, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

      First, Dillon… I didn’t write this, mini_tb did.

      I think that trading Span could get a huge return and the only way I would even consider dealing Span would be for a huge return.

      Revere will never be as good as Span, unless he hits .340 (which he could as long as his speed gets hit 50 infield hits a year. I think trading Span would be a sign of “selling” and should be in conjunction with other deals. But, baseball’s a funny game, so you never know.

      • Dillon July 29, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

        Complete brain fart on the authorship credit. My apologies Seth.

        You’re right in that Revere will not be able to replace Span but a combination of Revere and say the Nats AAA 2B Steve Lombardozzi at the top of the lineup would soften the blow offensively and solve a critical need for the Twins at 2B. Couple that with adding Norris or Merraro or even the untouchable Peacock and the Twins could address almost all of their needs at once.

        I agree that trading Span is indeed a sign of selling. But its bad news if Span leaves while Cuddyer and Kubel stay…

  3. Jeff July 30, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    “Twins GM Bill Smith believes his team is in contention sitting 5.5 games back with two months to go. I understand that in theory, but they would have to pass three teams and then there is the fact that they just aren’t a very good team. Scott Baker is their only reliable starter and the lineup is a mess.”

    Good point. Yes, no one in the AL Central is running away with it and the Twins could eek it out over the final 2 months but do they really have a shot in the playoffs? They have played pretty well against good teams lately so that’s a good trend. However, I tend to agree with the Pittsburgh commentator – they just don’t have enough. Can they ever get to the next level w/o getting rid of some current players and rebuilding? You have to like what the Brewers have done. They’ve only been above .500 3 times in the last 10 years and are much better this year after engineering some nice trades (all for pitchers).

    What’s the buzz in Twinsville? Do people want them to buy or sell?

    • mini_tb July 30, 2011 at 11:06 am #

      I think what the Brewers have done this season and back when they traded for Sabathia is ballsy. It’s cool, but, at the same time, what a price to pay. 6 seasons of cost controlled Brett Lawrie at third base would look awfully nice right about now with the season McGeehee is having.

      Greinke (as disappointing as he has been) and Marcum were very nice additions to help solidify a pitching staff that was a shambles in 2010. On the flipside, cheap, talented cost controlled players like Lawrie, Odorizzi, Cain, and potentially Jeffress would look pretty nice in 2012 and beyond. And the money saved from not paying Greinke and Marcum could be used to address 1 or 2 other needs.

      And there is no way I would pursue Prince Fielder this offseason. With that body type, he’s going to get way too many years and likely be a giant albatross for multiple seasons at the end. Maybe he gets a heavily frontloaded deal for that reason.

  4. USAFChief July 31, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    “Are we overvaluing Span, or are we undervaluing Revere?”

    I think you have that backwards.


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