Twitter Mailbag – Part 3

6 Aug

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A little late, but here is the final part of the Twitter mailbag… I’m heading to the Twin Cities right now and hoping to catch a Twins game tonight if the weather cooperates!!

Dave_MN @sethtweets Why do MLB teams seem to covet high school players vs. college, yet the #Twins have been stockpiling college guys? #contest


Because  unless you  draft in the Top5 (maybe Top 10) of the draft,  there is a ton  of  risk. There is generally less risk with college players. The Twins, however, have a pattern of drafting college pitchers and high school hitters with their early draft picks. It has been a very good strategy for them.


High School Bats: Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer, Justin Morneau, Jason Kubel, Denard Span, Ben Revere

College Arms: Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey, Brian Duensing, Matt Garza, Jesse Crain,


MarkChurchill @SethTweets Joe Benson. Does he have a spot in a Twins OF of the future or is he trade bait?


Might depend somewhat on the future contract negotiations with Michael Cuddyer. I think Benson can be a starter in right field. I also think it may be dependent upon how Ben Revere develops. And, of course, it depends on how he develops. I personally would plan on him being a starter in the Twins outfield in 2013.


skraft33 @SethTweets Of the players in your top-10, which one is most likely to reach their ceiling? Least likely?


Most Likely – Kyle Gibson and Liam Hendriks are pretty much for sures.


Least  Likely – Tough question for someone as optimistic for me. The two who are furthest from the Twins are Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario. Sano got the money and he will be given every shot. Plus, he’s got the size and power. So, least likely would probably be Rosario, but we won’t know this answer for at least six years.


cttrace @SethTweets What will it take for Matt Schuld to make it to the show? #91WorldSeriesDVDs


He just has to keep working. He has struggled at times in New Britain, but again, it is important to note that he is just over one year from signing as a non-drafted free agent out of St. Thomas and he has already made it to AA. That’s pretty impressive! So, he just needs to continue to work and improve all factors of his game. He will need to gain a little more velocity, continue to improve his control, and generally improve all of his pitches.


Cheets_4 @SethTweets How do #Twins top 10 minor league prospects rank among other 29 MLB teams. Seems like other teams don’t value ours too highly.


I think the comment that each team (and its fans/bloggers) value its own prospects more than other teams do, in most cases. I do think that the Twins Top 10 is very solid with some high-end talent at the top, but I know that the Twins don’t have one of the top Top 10 prospect lists in MLB. I think they remain very middle-of-the-pack.


TCAnelle @SethTweets What non-pitching position do Twins have most/least depth? They seem to have OF’s in abundance but is that perception accurate?


Catcher… I think Danny Lehmann  can  be a very good backup  catcher. The catcher that I think has the best chance of contributing to the Twins in Chris Herrmann, and  his value is because he can play great outfield and be very solid behind the plate. Having a guy with that kind of versatility will really help as Joe Mauer gradually plays more at 1B and DH going forward.  


blonde_fundus @SethTweets Do the Twins have a potential replacement for Mauer at catcher in their system or us it likely they will need to trade?


Need  to trade.


yoyomacjb @SethTweets: has Toby gardenhire’s play at AAA changed his status as a prospect? Getting playing time and improving at the plate, no?


Well, I guess .263/.295/.333 is an improvement over the .188/.254/.214 that he hit last year. He turns 29 in September, so I don’t know about the word “prospect.”


_2244 @SethTweets How is James Beresford progressing? Saw him in Spring Training & he looked good, but seemed undersized.


He’s  thin. That’s always been the comment. He worked hard, and he has tried to gain weight. I have seen him play a few times and have always been impressed with his defense. He is a good singles hitter. He is hitting.279/.335/.314 with Ft. Myers despite hitting just .161 in June.  


Mini_tb  @SethTweets  How does the infamous Hrbek/Gant play at 1B from the 91 Series look in 2011?


Looks like the umpire called him out!! J


jbohrer @SethTweets What makes some minor lg SP like Beloits O’Rourke “project” as RP (as you stated) in majors?


Fair or  unfair, left-handed pitchers who are not top, top prospects are typically projected as  bullpen types. Also, to really project as a starter, you have to have at least three pretty good pitches whereas a reliever can be good with two pitches. O’Rourke right now is doing a great job as a starter. He has a good fastball with good control. He has a terrific, sharp slider that is tough on lefties. He is working on a changeup and how that pitch comes along will likely determine if he will be a starter or a reliever.  


TwinsTerritory @SethTweets Who are the minor league pitchers who could contribute in the bullpen in the near future? How do you project Carlos Gutierrez?


Kyle Waldrop is pitching great in Rochester. Big time ground ball pitcher! Gutierrez will be good. Another ground ball pitcher who throws in the mid-90s with sink. Still needs better control.


jimmyjammer22 @SethTweets do the minor league managers get annoyed with all their guys going to the big leagues back/forth


Probably not, because they know what they are getting into as a minor league manager. They have to understand the big picture.  They may get annoyed if their team is left short-handed for a few games.


conservative22 @SethTweets #91worldseriesdvds-Who do you consider the most under rated player in the #Twins farm system?


I have a feeling that I am underrating a couple of players, but for sure I think that Yangervis Solarte is underrated. All he has done this year in Double-A New Britain is hit over .300 all four months and he’s got 30 doubles.


thisisbeth @sethtweets Which player has surprised you the most? That is, has one player been better or worse than you expected when he was drafted?


I think that the performance of Anthony Swarzak has been a huge surprise this year. A 2nd round pick in 2004, he was always thought of highly. However, those 50 game suspensions are never a good thing. And, after a few solid big league outings in 2009, he was pretty bad in 2010. I had a lot of people ask me last offseason why Swarzak was still on the 40 man roster. Well, thankfully, we are seeing why this year!


BillWallace_ @SethTweets – You own the #Twins – Do you think the team would be better off in 2012 getting rid of Bill Smith, Gardy, both or neither?


I wouldn’t fire either  of them. I definitely believe in most of what Gardy does and I think he deserves a ton of credit for how good the Twins have been over the last decade. No, I’m not saying he’s perfect. I’m not always a fan of how he treats some young players (but Tom Kelly was even worse at that). But he is the least of the Twins problems.


I wouldn’t fire Bill Smith, but I would replace him as GM with either Mike Radcliff or Rob Antony as the final decision-maker.


CitizenMurphy @SethTweets Who will get called up to Minnesota first, Slowey or Toby Gardenhire? #91WorldSeries


Slowey… I hope!

Any thoughts?? E-mail me, or leave some Comments.


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