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17 Aug

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Good morning, all!

Justin Verlander is a beast! That is all. If I could pick any pitcher in baseball to build a staff around, I think it might be Verlander. Although, Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda would also be consider. And so would pretty much any of the young Braves pitchers like Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Arodys Vizcaino, etc.

Twins lost 7-1. Blackburn was Blackburn. It really wasn’t much of a game. Tonight, it will be Carl Pavano against Brad Penny. Both pitchers refuse to strike out anyone, so hopefully it’s a high scoring affair… for both teams.

The Twins announced the Player To Be Named Later yesterday. The Twins (actually the Rochester Red Wings, for now) will receive right-handed relief pitcher Lester Oliveros. Obviously we all were hoping for more than that, and it probably perpetuated that hope. When I heard Bill Smith basically say that the player was currently not eligible to be traded, I thought maybe it was someone who the Tigers drafted last year and couldn’t be traded for the first year. Instead, Oliveros could not be traded because the Tigers had to put him through waivers and he had to get to the Twins to claim. Obviously that process takes up to 48 hours which is why they were able to announce him so quickly. If someone like Kansas City would have claimed Oliveros, the Twins could not have received him and likely they had a second name ready for that scenario. Oliveros looks a lot like Jim Hoey. He throws hard, up to 95, he gets a lot of strikeouts. However, he walks a batter about every other inning which isn’t good. The difference is that the Venezuelan is still just 23 years old, dominated AA this year, struggled in AAA and even made several appearances for the Tigers in June. Considering it was an August trade for Delmon Young, I actually think that the Twins did alright in the deal.

Last night, RHP Tim Shibuya improved to 7-2 for the Elizabethton Twins. He worked seven innings and gave up just one run on two hits. He walked none and struck out 12 in a very impressive performance. What did he do after the game to celebrate? He appeared as a guest on last night’s Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast!!    

Speaking of podcasts, be sure to listen to the Inaugural Gleeman and The Geek podcast in which the two most senior Twins bloggers sit around, had a few drinks but all they kept talking about… was baseball.

Here are some minor league highlights from the last two days:


On Monday, the Red Wings split a double header with Columbus. In the first game, they lost 2-0. Scott Diamond pitched all seven innings and gave up two runs on eight hits. He walked one and struck out three. Jeff Bailey went 2-3 with his 19th double. Luke Hughes and Aaron Bates were each 2-3.

Rochester won the second game 4-3 on a single from Ray Chang. Jeff Bailey hit his 13th home run of the season. Jake Stevens started. He gave up three runs on three hits in three innings. He walked three and struck out… do I even have to type it… that’s right, three. Carlos Gutierrez then struck out four in two scoreless innings. Chuck James got the win with two shutout frames.

On Tuesday night, the Red Wings lost 5-2 to Lehigh Valley. Liam Hendriks got back on track with a solid start. He gave up two runs on six hits in six innings. He walked none and struck out four. Dusty Hughes then gave up three runs (1 earned) on one hit in 1.2 innings. He walked three and struck out two. Kyle Waldrop got the final out. Rene Rivera went 2-4 with his fifth home run. Dustin Martin went 2-4 with his 24th double. Chase Lambin and Brian Dinkelman each went 2-4. Luke Hughes hit his fifth home run.


New Britain did not play on Monday. On Tuesday night, the Rock Cats lost 17-5 to Binghampton. David Bromberg started and gave up eight runs on eight hits and four walks in 2.2 innings. Matt Schuld then gave up five runs (3 earned) on three hits in 2.2 innings. Dakota Watts gave up four runs on four hits and four walks in 2.1 innings. Steve Hirschfeld came in and struck out the lone batter he faced. Chris Parmelee went 2-4 with a walk and his 12th home run. Chris Herrmann was 2-4. Evan Bigley hit his 30th double.  


The Miracle got a much-needed day off on Monday. The Miracle returned on Tuesday night and lost 7-1 to Jupiter. Alex Wimmers made the start. He gave up one run on two hits in four innings. He walked three and struck out four. Cole Nelson came in for his Miracle debut. He walked the bases loaded, then got two outs before allowing a two run single and then got out of the inning. Matt Tone then came in and gave up four runs on five hits and two walks in two innings. Shooter Hunt pitched the eighth inning and pitched a 1-2-3 inning with one strikeout. The Miracle had eight hits and five walks but scored just one run. James Beresford went 2-4.  


Beloit lost to Burlington 2-1 on Monday. Blayne Weller started and gave up two runs (1 earned) on two hits in four innings. He walked two and struck out two. Bart Carter struck out two in two scoreless innings. Michael Tonkin gave up three hits but no runs in two innings. Madison Boer pitched a scoreless inning. Danny Ortiz went 2-4. Jhonatan Arias was 1-2 with a walk. Jairo Perez was 1-3 with a walk.  

The Snappers did not have a game scheduled on Tuesday.

  • On July 15th, Travis Aune and I were at the Beloit game. Bart Carter came in and gave up three runs on four hits in one inning. Not one of the four hits left the infield. Not one. Since that game, he has pitched nine more times out of the Snappers bullpen. He has given up one run on nine hits in 14.1 innings. So, in 11 total games for the Snappers, he is 1-1 with a 2.20 ERA. Yet, take away that one weird infield single outing, and he’s been exceptional. Which is to say, he has been exceptional. He is already 24 years old, so he’s old for AA players, but the numbers for the lefty have been good and deserve note. In 12.2 innings and Elizabethton, he walked two and struck out 24. In 16.1 innings for the Snappers, he has walked three and struck out 19.


Elizabethton had Monday night off. As I mentioned above, Tim Shibuya got the nod for the E-Twins and improved to 7-2 with a strong performance. The 21 year old righty gave up just one run on two hits. He walked none and struck out 12 in seven innings. Steve Evans struck out two in his scoreless inning. Matt Bashore also pitched a scoreless inning in the E-Twins 5-1 win over Bristol. Miguel Sano hit his 14th home run. Rory Rhodes and Tyler Koelling each hit a double.


The GCL Twins lost 7-1 on Monday to the GCL Orioles. Hung-yi Chen started and gave up four runs (2 earned) on five hits in three innings. He walked none and struck out three. Josue Montanez gave up an unearned run in this two innings. Gonzalo Sanudo gave up two runs on four hits in two innings. Tyler Herr pitched two scoreless innings. The Twins managed just four hits. Jorge Polanco had a single, a walk and his sixth stolen base.

On Tuesday, the Twins and O’s were postponed by rain.

Any thoughts?? E-mail me, or leave some Comments.


6 Responses to “Twins Notes”

  1. Jack Steal August 17, 2011 at 10:59 am #


    It appears, I might have started a movement. Check this out Please promote in future upcoming posts even if you dont agree with it. I did not start this web site and have no idea who did but very much agree with it. Keep the posts coming on minor league players. Any chance Lester Oliveros can help the Twins or is he the typical PTBNL ?

  2. Ben August 17, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    “Oliveros looks a lot like Jim Hoey”. Does that mean he looks like he is having a damn anxiety attack every time he takes the mound?

    Seth, your link to Lavelle’s blog leads to an article about him switching servers in January 2010.

  3. Jay Sherman August 17, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    As bad as the Twins are, it is even more depressing reading about their Minor League affiliates. For the most part they pitch poorly, they can’t score runs, and with all the unearned runs listed above by Seth, they can’t field the ball either. This organization is fast falling back to the dog days of the 90’s when everything about the Major and Minor league ballclubs was bad. In 2012 the Twins will need a huge turnaround by the M&M boys to be even kinda relevant.

    • Kunza August 17, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

      You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This franchise needs a change everywhere. New manager. New GM. Some minor league changes. Our scouts need to be fired because the advice they are giving our GM is absolutely pathetic.

  4. gobbledy August 17, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    off beat idea, how about a trade this winter of two lefties both free agents after next yr both have shown ace stuff and both seem to have lost their way with their present club? johnathon sanchez for francisco liriano?

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