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21 Oct

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The TwinsCentric Offseason GM Handbook became available for pre-order on Wednesday morning. We have been thrilled by the reception so far. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of your own, now is the time. It is available for $5.99 now. The Handbook will be available immediately following the completion of the World Series, and at that point, the price will be $9.99.

I have to extend a huge Thank You to Patrick Reusse for writing the Foreword for the book. I’ve read through it and it was tremendous! As you know, you can read his columns in the Star Tribune and on You can also hear him each weekday at 1500espn with Phil Mackey and with Joe Soucheray, and also on Saturday mornings. The “curmudgeon” came through for us big time and we really, really appreciate it.

You can click on the image below to secure yours (and to see a picture of the cover and much more, click here.):


We really are thankful for all of the support that so many readers have given us over the years.


  • Did you happen to listen to my interview with Kyle Gibson from Tuesday night?
  • Very Well Then Rewrites the Twins “Source Code.”
  • Brian Dozier posted another blog entry from the Arizona Fall League.
  • Seedlings to Stars named Liam Hendriks as their #80 Twins Prospect.
  • Twins on Twins provided its ‘ballot’ for the best players in both leagues.
  • Did you listen to this week’s Gleeman and the Geek?
  • Twinkie Town’s Jesse wrote Part 1 of his offseason blueprint saying that the Twins need some strikeout pitchers.
  • Twin Nation wrote some thoughts about the upcoming Twins contracts.
  • Granny Baseball posted an interesting Player 1/Player 2 analysis of being careful with stats, and making too much out of any one.
  • Nick Nelson wrote about finding some experienced players.
  • The Tenth Inning Stretch asks how much Michael Cuddyer is worth.
  • The Baseball Outsider wrote about a Theo-Logical Debate.
  • For a bunch of links (baseball and other), be sure to check out Aaron’s Baseball Blog.
  • For a ton of Twins-related links, you’ll definitely want to check out North Dakota Twins Fan’s Blog. He has way more links than I do, including links to a couple of video interviews with Aaron Hicks and Brian Dozier. Check them both out!
  • The Twins outrighted two more players to Rochester on Thursday, Brian Dinkelman and Phil Dumatrait. Neither is surprising as I expected them to be. What I don’t yet understand is why they were outrighted this week when Anthony Slama, Matt Tolbert, Jason Repko and Rene Rivera were last week. Why wouldn’t all six of them be put on waivers at the same time? Maybe there is a rule that you can only take four players off the 40 man roster at any time? I can’t imagine that they needed an extra week to evaluate a couple of players. Like Slama, Dinkelman has not been in the minor leagues long enough to be a six-year minor league free agent. However, since this is his second out-right, he can elect to become a free agent.
  • Glen Perkins let the cat out of the proverbial bag yesterday when he tweeted that he had been told that he was voted the Twins Best Pitcher and Most Improved Player. Both honors are quite well deserved, to say the least, and Parker explains why very well at Over The Baggy.
  • Earlier in the week, LaVelle E. Neal blogged about several topics to come out of the Twins Organizational Meetingslast week. I, of course, found the minor league stuff very interesting:
    • The biggest surprise, to me, was that Eddie Rosario is being moved, at least for the time being, to 2B. For several years, I’ve been asked if the Twins should move Ben Revere to 2B because of his arm, and although it made sense, the response was always to leave him in CF because of his speed and range. Nothing wrong with that, he does have a ton of range. Rosario is not as fast as Revere (who is?), but he has very good speed and outfield instincts. Rosario also has a rocket for an arm which is why I am a little bit surprised by the move. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of outfield prospects, and Rosario is right near the top of that list, so I think it’s worth checking out.
    • Tobias Streich and Jhonathan Arias were the two primary catchers at Beloit this year, along with former Gopher Kyle Knudson who spent time on the Disabled List. Neither hit much at all, but both are viewed as terrific defensive catchers with very strong arms. Both are being converted to pitchers. The Twins have done this before. Tim Lahey was moved to pitcher after struggling at Elizabethton and he got all the way to AAA. It will be interesting to see how they develop.
  • I will be at the Gophers football game on Saturday against Nebraska. I’ve been a life-long Cornhuskers fan, traveling to Nebraska a couple of times each year in my younger years to visit relatives. It will be fun to go to TCF Bank Stadium again! The last time I was there, Jerry Kill and Northern Illinois crushed the Gophers.
  • By the way, Tony Larussa is generally considered one of the better managers in baseball, and deservedly so. He’s been around forever, and when he’s had good or great players, his teams have won consistently. But the whole “genius” label is a bit much. Last night, we saw him make some moves that make ya go hmm… Having Gerald Laird pinch-run for Yadier Molina? He gets credit for using his bullpen and making pitching changes pretty much every batter. Last night it backfired. Some nights it may work. But I think the moral of this bullet point is that managers over-manage in the playoffs and do things that they normally wouldn’t. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. In Game 1, it worked. In Game 2, it didn’t. Who knows what will happen the rest of the series?
  • Did you know Tony Larussa was once on a game show called To Tell The Truth? Ha!
  • I admittedly haven’t watched a lot of the playoffs. I’m always flipping to the baseball games from something else. I think a lot of that is due to a frustrating Twins season. Probably more of it is due to the over-managing and making it a different game. Basketball gets a lot of grief for how slow the final minutes of the games are. In playoff baseball, the last few innings drag on because of all of the pitching changes. It’s really the same thing. So, as much as I don’t enjoy the small sample size of the playoffs, the game is still the greatest game. Allen Craig playing hero two straight games. That’s two things. It is awesome and a great story line. It is also funny that some people make so much out of it. That’s the annoying part, but it is also the fun part. You never know who will play hero (or goat) from day to day. Two games are down in the playoffs. I predicted Rangers in 6. The Rangers took home field advantage back from St. Louis by winning Game 2. But it is now a five-game series which means anything can happen. That’s why it is fun to watch.   

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here.


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