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21 Nov

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Good morning and welcome to a new week. Fortunately, from a work perspective, it will be a shortened week, so that’s always a good thing.

I spent too much time this weekend working on my Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook. I really want to get it out earlier this year. I definitely want to see copies of it at Twins Fest! The meat and potatoes of the book, as always, will be the Prospect Profiles. There will again be over 150 profiles of Twins minor leaguers, and over the weekend, I wrote profiles for all Twins prospect between Logan Darnell and Matt Hauser, alphabetically. If you’re counting, that’s 28 profiles, a busy weekend.

Friday was the big day for Twins news, and of course, you were able to see my thoughts here that day. First, we heard that the Twins were the team that signed Ryan Doumit. Of course, that is not yet true, unless you add the words “pending a physical” to the description. I would assume he will be in Minneapolis in the next couple of days for the physical and to actually sign a contract. As I said on Friday, I love the signing of Doumit. Although he’s not a great catcher, he can catch a little, but he is a right-handed bat who fairly consistently posts an OPS around .800. He can play some 1B, some OF and DH and pinch hit. There is a lot of value in that.

Also on Friday, the Twins and the other big league teams had to add players to their 40 man rosters. The Twins added Oswaldo Arcia, Carlos Gutierrez and Tyler Robertson. They also removed David Bromberg from the 40 man roster in a move that disappointed me. However, the fact that Bromberg cleared waivers says that the Twins most likely made the right decision especially since he has not been around long enough to become a free agent. Most likely, he will return to pitch in the upper levels of the Twins minor league system in 2012.

Over the weekend, more and more details of the about-to-be-signed Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players’ union and the owners. The most important thing is that baseball will not have any work stoppage. If only the NBA would learn from that. But anyway, it appears that there will not be Type B draft pick compensation starting this year. Personally, I think that they should wait until next offseason for those changes to go into effect. For instance, Jason Kubel is a Type B free agent. Under the current system, the Twins would receive a supplemental 1st round pick for Kubel if they offered him arbitration and he declined it. I can completely understand why the Twins chose not to trade players off at the July trade deadline, but by the time the August deadline came, the Twins were definitely a Seller. They traded Jim Thome for $20K. Jason Kubel was also claimed, reported by Cleveland, but the two teams were unable to work out a trade. Why? Well, in part likely because the Twins had to decide whether their compensation for Kubel would be close to what they could draft with the supplemental pick they would get for him. With the changes, the Twins will now get nothing if they lose Kubel. Had they known they would get no compensation for Kubel, they may have traded him in an attempt to get something for him rather than nothing.

On Sunday, the Rockies traded Ty Wigginton to the Phillies. Wigginton can play 1B until Ryan Howard comes back. He can also play some 3B, maybe a little bit at 2B, and play some in the corner outfield spots. He also could be a pinch hitter and a bench option. Seemingly, the trade would take the Phillies out of the running for Michael Cuddyer, at least to some degree. Does it possibly open up some salary room for the Rockies to go after Cuddyer more strongly? They have been reportedly interested in Cuddyer all along. If I’m just guessing, the longer that it takes for Cuddyer to sign with a team, the more likely he returns to the Twins. It means that he isn’t getting the overwhelming offers that he may have hoped for, and if money is less of a factor, then the Twins can swoop in. I would think that the Jamey Carroll and Ryan Doumit signings would indicate to Cuddyer that they still hope to win in 2012.


Monday morning came with the horrible news that Mariners 24-year-old outfielder Greg Halman was stabbed to death in the Netherlands yesterday. His brother has been arrested. Halman played for the Dutch national team in the WBC in 2009 along with Twins prospect Tom Stuifbergen. Stuifbergen tweeted, “Gregory Halman… Our dream to face each other in the MLB… Gone… with such a sad day! #nlhonkbal @MLB” Thoughts go out to those who knew him!



Around the Twins Blogosphere:

Lots on Ryan Doumit. What will Terry Ryan’s next move be? Feel free to comment.


3 Responses to “Monday Morning Links”

  1. gobbledy November 21, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    if the $100m number is close to correct the twins have a little over 10m left to spend. signing cuddy would use all that up without adding any real pitching help. imo, this team can’t win without some real postitive additons to the pitching staff.

  2. dave November 21, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    I have this horrible premonition the Twins might resign Cuddyer, probably for three years, and regret it starting about, say, May 2012. We’ve already made on gigantic financial mistake, can’t afford another. On the other hand, the prospect of getting nothing for Kubel ups the chances, however remote, that the Twins will resign him.

  3. Chuck November 21, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Joe Nathan has signed with the Texas Rangers

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