The Winter Meetings Begin…

5 Dec

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Minutes before last night’s Winter Meetings Preview podcast, things got started with the announcement that Jose Reyes and the Miami Marlins had agreed on a six year, $106 million contract. It was an hour before the official start of the Winter Meetings, but it was certainly a big piece that had now been signed. There are still four or five big pieces out there, and there is a chance that the Twins could be pretty active at the Winter Meetings. Does that mean transactions, free agent signings or trades, or does it mean having a bunch of meetings with agents and other teams? Well, we shall find out.

But each night this week, we’ll be discussing anything and everything from the Winter Meetings. We’ll discuss transactions and rumors, and we’ll take your questions and comments in the chat room.

That started last night  with the Winter Meetings Preview Podcast. I was joined by Steve Adams from MLB Trade Rumors and Twinkie Town, Fanatic Jack, and the Twins Geek, John Bonnes. It is nice to have a one hour podcast again because we discussed a ton of topics. Obviously we talked about the Jose Reyes signing and what the Miami Marlins are doing. We talked about the big free agent first basemen, Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. We talked about the big name free agent lefties, CJ Wilson and Mark Buehrle. We discussed Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, and Manny Ramirez. We discussed each of the AL Central teams and what they might be looking to do this offseason and maybe this week. But we also discussed the Twins free agents, the bullpen, the rotation, the outfield situation and several other Twins topics.

And through the week, we’ll continue to talk about all these things and more, whatever comes up from day to day.

Feel free to comment or send questions in for us to discuss.


2 Responses to “The Winter Meetings Begin…”

  1. tcgolbar December 5, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    Been a twin fanatic forever and am going to sound like an idiot, would have sent a email directly but could not find one easily. But here it goes, what exactly is a podcast? I am middle age and somewhat computer literate but have no need for an Ipod and all those other frilly techno toys, I have no need nor money to spend on things. I saved my pennies and bought my handicapped wife and I a few twins tickets last year and probably the same goes this year. I do read your articles a great deal and enjoy them very much and please keep up the good work. I really like following your items for they expose the minor leages and the players who are playing for the love and a dream.

  2. tcgolbar December 6, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    How can a 16 time gold glove winner at his position not be in the Hall Of Fame. Not like a lot of those teams were not competing for titles but from what I remember there is more than one player on a team and it takes a team to win the World Series. Who is another person who has the most Gold Gloves for their position and not in the HOF?

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