Vote Lindsay Guentzel to the MLB Fan Cave

8 Feb

also available at

Nobody wants to read about caucuses or politics on a baseball blog, but today, I would like to encourage Twins fans to vote for Lindsay Guentzel to join this year’s MLB Fan Cave. This morning, the Minnesota native found out that she is among the Top 50 Finalists. They will likely be taking six people to live in New York City and live for the baseball season in an incredible environment where they will be able to watch all of the MLB games and will be joined by several Major League ball players who are in NYC. It’s really an incredible opportunity.

You likely know Lindsay because she is involved in quite a bit of media things throughout the Twin Cities. She used to be known as Intern Gal when she interned for Dan Barriero and Justin Gaard at KFAN. This past year, she was an on-air talent for Fox Sports North’s Prep Zone. Remember last year when we had a TwinsCentric event at Smalley’s 87 Club in Minneapolis. It was also a charitable event that Lindsay coordinated. She has organized many such events and raised a lot of money for local charities. You’ll also want to check out some of her You Tube videos! I could go on and on about all that Lindsay has done in the Minnesota sports world, but mainly, I just think it would be pretty cool to have someone from Minnesota in the MLB Fan Cave. She’s a really hard worker and deserves this opportunity to represent Minnesota on a national level.

So, through February 22, you can go to the MLB Fan Cave site, and be sure to VOTE FOR LINDSAY.

Lindsay was a guest on last night’s Gleeman and the Geek podcast which was quite entertaining!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at or leave your thoughts in the Comments Section!


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